Shelf Tech is not a traditional 3rd party merchandising company. We are a dynamic, innovative, and an extremely motivated company.

Low overhead, a solid infrastructure and a limited amount of customers differentiate our company from all others. Strong relationships at store level allow us to create a demand for the products we represent which allows our merchandisers to get the END CAPS and EXTRA Displays at store level to help drive sales. Read how our Expert Team makes a difference.

SHELF TECH's philosophy is to provide the manufacturers that engage our services to receive the most highly skilled, trained merchandisers to maintain their departments at a 100% service level. This creates an environment that will entice the consumer to exercise their propensity to purchase your product. This is accomplished mostly by creating relationships with store management in gaining their confidence in our ability to lend our expertise in a particular product line, communicate product information, notify personnel of upcoming advertised specials, spot weaknesses on a store basis, eliminate drop-outs from their merchandise mix and keep product displays neat, clean and dust free.

SHELF TECH considers the departments at retail to be the liaison between the manufacturer and the consumer, therefore, and interest in their viability is a 365 day a year project. Let SHELF TECH be your insurance policy toward total success.

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